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Jeff Capel is now the Associate Head Coach!

Capel was formerly an Assistant Coach but with the departure of Steve Wojciechowski, Capel has been promoted to the Associate Head Coach position. Congrats Jeff!

Jon Scheyer has been named Assistant Coach today!

His former role was Special Assistant and now he’s an Assistant Coach! Congrats Jon! Guess it’s time to start a “Coach Scheyer” tag :)

Duke forward Rodney Hood officially declares for the 2014 NBA Draft

Sad to see him go but we wish him the best!

Breaking News: Jabari Parker will enter the NBA Draft

Jabari Parker has announced his decision and will enter this year’s NBA Draft. Find out why he chose to in this article at

We wish him the best in the draft!

"Duke is more than a basketball program. It’s a family. Everyone cares about you." - Andre Dawkins (@dre_dawkins)

"Duke is more than a basketball program. It’s a family. Everyone cares about you." - Andre Dawkins (@dre_dawkins)

"It’s very rare to find a place where everyone you meet makes you better. That is what Duke has been for me."

- Coach Wojo
"We will always be connected. I will always be your friend. I will always have your back."

- Coach Wojo to Coach K, at the end of his speech

*cue the tears*


Coach K talking about Coach Wojo before Wojo speaks.


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